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Tiger Dad 1500 on the SAT
Standardized Testing

How to get a 1500 on the SAT

How to kick ass on the SAT I’m going to list and show different resources I’ve found to help you get a 1500 on the SAT.  I’ve scoured the internet for my son to find all the best resources to Read more…

Tiger Dad visits Music Camp
Tiger Parenting

Summer 2018 is Here

Summer Vacation 2018 – What my Kids are doing. The summer has started and vacation time is here.  I thought my kids did plenty last summer but this summer is a doozy.  When I’m talking action packed it is pretty Read more…

Tiger Parenting

The Year is Winding Down

Spring has finally Sprung This post has been a long time in the making for me.  Living here in the North East has been brutal this past year.  There wasn’t as much snow as previous years but the cold weather Read more…

Tiger Parenting

My Tiger Family Fall Update

Fall Forward It’s been a while since my last update for all my kids.  Paris seems like ages ago and I long to go back soon.  However, back to reality and the here and now.  My kids have been running Read more…

Tiger Dad PrepExpert SAT work books
Standardized Testing

Prep Expert Review

An Even More Detailed Review of   After receiving some feedback about the SAT exams.  I wanted to write a more detailed review specifically about  I gave the reasons in my other article that was titled The SAT Read more…

Elementary School

Are Your Kids Coding?

To Code or Not To Code Today, coding seems to be an essential skill that everyone is talking about.  I agree with that and have first-hand experience with that.  Coding used to be something that was nerdy and geeky when Read more…

High School

The SAT Prep Course I chose for my Son

What is the right SAT Prep? Have you started looking for SAT Prep classes for your son or daughter?  The earlier you start the better and the reasons are plentiful.  Here is a quick article that I found that says Read more…

Tiger Parenting

Boosting Your Child’s Confidence

Why Confidence is the Key to Success Success means different things to different people.  The meaning itself is relative to each person’s individual lives and experiences.  Success to me as a Tiger Parent is to have my children get into Read more…

Brown vlogger
Brown University

Brown University – A Day in the Life

Here is a vlog done by a Brown University student.  Check out the video and her Youtube Channel.   She has good content and has a good personality.   This one video has over 165,000 views and counting.    To learn Read more…

The College Essay to get into Princeton
Princeton University

How to get into Princeton

How Nick Chae got into Princeton – The College Essay I just love his vlog!  What an inspiration for anyone thinking about Princeton.  I will be posting all of his vlogs here.  If you want to subscribe go here.