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Do you have to apply for Financial Aid Again

My son called me the other day and started talking to me about the stuff he was doing while at college.  He was telling me all the fun and interesting things that he was doing since the last time we spoke.  It was really great.  Then he says by the way, “Did you fill out the financial aid application for next year?”  Huh???


I got off the phone and started googling for financial aid beyond freshman year.  The answer is YES!   I remember last October filling out the FAFSA information and I just forgot about following up on getting more info.  After doing research and calling up the Financial Aid office, I am now in the process of filling out all the info requested by the school.

The Steps to apply for Financial Aid after Freshman year

Step One – Go to the FAFSA portal and login as the parent.  You will have to provide basic information about your child.  Full Name, Birthdate and Social Security.  Once in you will be asked info about your finances.  The easiest way to do this is to allow FAFSA to gain access to the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to check your tax returns.  For 2020-2021 you will be giving them access to your 2018 tax returns.

Step Two – You must go to the College Board’s site and go the CSS Profile to login and fill out the same things you did last year.  Ask your child for the login name and password.  Fill out all relevant info.

Wait for email and instructions to follow up on anything the college needs.

Don’t Forget Every Year

So in summary do not forget to apply for financial every year.  However, most importantly don’t expect your kid to tell you months ahead.  Stay on top of it or else it will end up costing everyone a lot more money, stress and aggravation.

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