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What is a good SAT score for 2021(Why you still need it)  2020 has been one crazy year and we are almost done with it.  With these crazy times some things have changed for college admissions for 2021.  Many universities and colleges have declared that Standardized tests are optional.  These include some of the most elite schools in the nation.  In a brief moment we’ll go over what is a good SAT score and why you still need it.

Here is our first video of our 10 part series on SAT Prep 

What is a Good SAT Score?

A good SAT Score or even a great SAT score is all relative to each student.  What’s good for Student A could be completely different from Student B.  If your reading this on this site I’d suspect that you want to go to an elite school.  Yes?

A good SAT score for an elite school in looking at college profiles for top schools is minimally a mid-1400 and above.  There is the 25 percentile and the 75 percentile

If you look at this graphic of Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton you can see that the lowest score is 1440 for Princeton.  This the 25% range.  There might be some lower scores but minimally you must score at the very least 1440.  We won’t go into exceptions.

So if all things being equal and you want to get into a top elite school you should be somewhere in the medium say 1500 give or take +/- 30 points.  After that, everything else comes into play.  






Why do you still need it?

Since many schools are saying that the SAT is optional does that mean I don’t need to take it?  I’d say yes and no.  College Admissions are so black box that no one really can say why someone gets in and someone doesn’t.  I would definitely take it if given the chance.  There are so many qualified kids across the country that you would never want to think in the back of your mind that you didn’t get into College X because you didn’t take the test.


Still, many colleges give merit based scholarships based on Standardized tests.  Top schools like Notre Dame and USC have scholarships solely based on high scores on these tests.  Again that is HUGE.  I would take the tests just for that reason alone.  

The Wrap-up

A good score and taking it still matters.  If you’re trying to get into a top elite school.  TAKE IT because it can only help.