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Summer Vacation – So little time

My daughter wonders, how is it that you wait ALL year for Middle School Summer vacation and when it arrives your counting down the days until it’s over?  Not because you want it over.  No, it’s because it starts feeling like time is going faster and faster.  My daughter has a full summer that seems to be making time go faster for her.  I remember growing up and I used to play outside for what seemed like forever.  The days really did last forever.  Sounds like a song…  Anyway, let’s get on with the show.

Science and Engineering day camp

My daughter attended a Free Science Summer Day Camp this summer.  It lasted for two weeks and she was able to learn about Science and Engineering.  I mentioned before that my older son was volunteering at this camp so it was great for all of us.  My son was volunteering.  My daughter was learning.  We were able to drop them off and pick them up at one location.  Great for easy commuting.  She seemed to like it, not as much as mon son did but a good experience for her.  Hopefully, she will be able to use this experience and volunteer in the future as well.  

Music Day Camp

There was a Music Day Camp that was offered for Free at her MIddle School as well.  We weren’t sure of the level of instruction but we signed her up for it.  Not good.  It was a real chore for her to go because the level of instruction was geared for beginners.  My daughter was bored out of her mind.  However, there were a couple of good things that came out of it.  First, she was able to meet different teachers from different areas of our State. Second, she was able to shine in front of everybody making her be noticed.  A good confidence booster.  Always a very good thing for kids.  

Writing Class

There is a Free Writing Class that is held at our town’s library.  It is mentored by high school kids, teaching younger kids how to write in different genres.  My daughter attended the program last year. and really liked it.  It was started by a girl from our town, who was able to use that for her college application.  She graduated last year and is now attending the University of Pennsylvania!  

Music Festival

As mentioned before in other articles, my daughter and son are attending their teacher’s Music Festival.  This Festival has been around for almost three decades and is quite prestigious.  There are teachers there from some of the best music conservatories in the country.  There are master classes and performances from world class virtuosos.  It really is an awesome program.  It is NOT FREE.  

The Program

The program consists of Private lessons, orchestra and chamber groups.  Since the program is so condensed the learning is intense.  Watching my son for a few years attend and now my daughter has really shown the value of such Festivals.  You are surrounded by top notch teachers and students.  Everyone is there to learn and get better so the whole vibe is great for musicians.  

Summer Trip Abroad

Finally, I wrote a lot about our first trip abroad in the High School Summer 2017 article.  We will be going to Paris!  Read how we paid for our trip to Paris using credit cards.  Now is the time for my Tiger wife and me to do our homework on Paris.  Any suggestions on family destinations are welcome.  Read how we paid for our trip to Paris using credit cards.  Now is the time for my Tiger wife and me to do our homework on Paris.  Any suggestions on family destinations are welcome.  

That is my daughter’s first Middle School Summer Vacation.  Looking forward to what comes next!

Add-on with more resources for you and your kids:

In true Tiger Dad and Tiger Mom fashion here is a program that was developed by Stanford University to really help your children excel academically.  Follow the link below.
Advance a Full Grade This Summer at

Another program that I found useful for kids from elementary to middle school is Thinkster Math. I know Math is the one subject that terrifies kids the most and some parents as well.  Read more by following the link below.

 Don’t let your child fall behind. Thinkster Math boosts scores & confidence. Learn more today!

Lastly, I found a site that was started by Moms.  I’m not sure if they’re Tiger Moms but they’ve built a site that is good.  Read about it some more at Testing Mom.