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Middle School 2016-2017 – 6th Grade

A Year to Remember

A year to remember for my daughter in more ways than one.  My daughter, R has had more ups and downs than my older son who was pretty steady for most of his school years.  That’s why going into her first year of Middle School was so worrisome for her Tiger Mom and me.  

New School

Middle School was a big thing for my daughter and for us.  She was entering a school that wasn’t zoned for her and she had to take the bus to get there.  We were really worried that she might not make friends and the transition might be too hard on her.  Thinking about my little daughter riding the bus for the first time with 7th and 8th Graders was kind of scary.  Guess what happened?

Eye Opening

My daughter blossomed and became the person that we always knew she could become.  It took the full school year but it happened.  Little by little, a trickle at a time she gained confidence.  Not all at once but each daily experience built upon itself like a castle made of a million strong stones.  One piled on the other building a strong base.  

Middle School Friends  a Confidence Booster

The friends that she made were all the smartest kids from the school district.  Kids who were in the Extra-Gifted class that my daughter didn’t get into.  She realized after becoming friends that she could hang with them in every aspect that mattered.  Test after test and project after project she was always at the top.  Socially, she could converse about any subject because she was so well read.  Extra-Curriculars she joined a few and made some friends in each of them.  My daughter’s strongest EC is music.  She started taking cello lessons from the 3rd Grade and it helped her confidence.  She is the best in her school like her brother.  (Wait for my story on confidence soon.)

More on Friends

After going through Middle School with my son we had a good idea of what my daughter had to do in 6th Grade.  Make as many good friends as possible.  What are good friends?  Friends that are good people is the most important.  Friends starting in Middle School and going forward have as much or more influence on a child than parents.  If you meet the wrong people it will have a definite negative impact on ALL aspects of your life.  

Make sure YOU KNOW who all your kid’s friends are.  All it takes is one kid who has a strong personality to influence your child for the worse.  That is why you need good friends who are busy with EC’s so they can’t get into trouble.  Think about it, a child who is taking swimming, lacrosse, taekwondo or music lessons have to practice.  It is tiring and hard.  You have less of a chance to do bad things.  


As mentioned before, my daughter plays the cello.  She has been playing since the 3rd Grade and learns from the same private teacher my son has.  She is in the County Orchestra and is doing great.  Since she is the best in her school it has helped her gain confidence, friends and teacher’s respect.  She will be attending a Music Festival this summer with many famous teachers.  

The End

In conclusion,  6th Grade was a really great year.  My daughter ended with all straight A+’s in all her classes. She progressed and excelled in her cello playing and now feels confident going forward into 7th Grade.  That is a GREAT YEAR!!!

Summer Vacation 

Summer Vacation – What Vacation???

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 Add-on with more resources for you and your kids:

In true Tiger Dad and Tiger Mom fashion here is a program that was developed by Stanford University to really help your children excel academically.  Follow the link below.
Advance a Full Grade This Summer at

Another program that I found useful for kids from elementary to middle school is Thinkster Math. I know Math is the one subject that terrifies kids the most and some parents as well.  Read more by following the link below.

 Don’t let your child fall behind. Thinkster Math boosts scores & confidence. Learn more today!

Lastly, I found a site that was started by Moms.  I’m not sure if they’re Tiger Moms but they’ve built a site that is good.  Read about it some more at Testing Mom.

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