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High School – Where the Fun Begins???

High School can be the best of times and The Worst of Times.  What High School does become is your gateway to College.  You don’t have to be in the best high schools, just make sure your one of the best in yours. The real point of why Tiger Dads and Tiger Moms exist is to prepare our kids to get into the absolute best colleges. 

Most regular parents think that this is when college prep is beginning.  In reality, everything we do prior in elementary and middle school leads up to High School.  High School is the culmination of all the music lessons, sports practices, volunteering, writing seminars, etc…  This is when you can show what your excel at and are prepared to show your leadership abilities!

Our oldest son just finished 10th Grade and is getting ready for the most important year of High School, 11th Grade…  We will recap his 10th Grade and let you know what he’s doing this summer and our plans for 11th Grade. 

If your coming into reading this and haven’t focused on elementary or middle school it still isn’t too late.  However, if you are an aspiring Tiger Dad or Tiger Mom, you need to put your plans into overdrive!  It won’t be easy and it will take hard work from everyone in the family to succeed.  This MUST be a family mission.  Everyone must be on board from the biggest to the smallest.  Work hard, sacrifice and help each other and you’ll be on the right path.