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Elementary School

Are Your Kids Coding?

To Code or Not To Code Today, coding seems to be an essential skill that everyone is talking about.  I agree with that and have first-hand experience with that.  Coding used to be something that was nerdy and geeky when I was growing up.  Nothing glamourous about learning C++ or Read more…

Elementary School

Elementary Summer Vacation 2017

Summer Vacation – Elementary my Dear Watson Last but not least Summer Vacation is here for my little guy.  After wrapping up Third Grade with a bang my youngest is starting vacation quite nicely.  Though he isn’t attending any music camps or festivals he is staying busy with other activities.  Read more…

Elementary School

Elementary Third Grade Recap

Elementary 2016-2017 – 3rd Grade Elementary School Nowhere to Somewhere My son C, had a year that was very, very unexpected.  Since he is our youngest, he’s our baby of the family.  It’s kind of not nice to say but we haven’t pushed him as much as his older siblings.  Read more…