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Tiger Dad About Us is a blog about my journey to becoming a great loving husband and father of three children.  This blog will try to give personal insight and information on what my Tiger Mom and I do to achieve the most for our kids.  What do we do during the summer?  Want to know what we do in the winter or spring?  Follow our blog and see what we do because we are learning on the go just like most of you.

Why  read this blog

If you have kids that are in school read this blog.  That’s as simple as it gets.  I have three kids and it just so happens that I have one in high school, middle school and elementary school.  This will enable me to provide useful info  into every level of schooling on what we do for each child.  Follow along and see what we do.  We are a real family that does things right as well as a lot of things wrong.  Learn from our successes and more importantly our mistakes. 

Welcome to Tiger Dad!